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Spot fraudulent travel and event ticket resellers even while you sleep.

Spot anomalies with our self-learning software that analyzes every feature in every purchase.

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Stop fraud, boost ticket sales.

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Control buyer and seller fraud

If you’re a marketplace, make sure not shoppers and sellers are fraud-free all in a single platform.

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protect against sophisticatedticket resellers

Our models learn from latitude/longitude, event type, additional services added, coupon code, travel route, and any other feature you can think of.

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Give your manual reviewing team a break

Focus on manual review cases that are worth your attention. The rest, we handle it for you.

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Control chargebacks, increase payment success RATES

Whether it’s events or travel, we protect your ticketing operation with custom data models that stay on top of every purchase.

Prevent multiple ticketing risks at once.

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  • Real-time decisions
  • Bot detection
  • Account Takeover prevention
  • Synthetic Identity recognition
  • Trusted / Risky shopper lists
  • User Graph analysis
  • Real-time analytics with
    custom views
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  • Downloadable reports
  • Granular decision models by ticket features
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