Digital Wallets and Neobanks

Digital Wallets and Neobanks

Monitor every transaction to keep track of who's sending and receiving money in your App.

Automatically keep an eye on every client to keep fraud and compliance risks away.

Stop fraud, boost transactions.

Monitor every transaction in real-time, from onboarding to withdrawals

Optimize user onboarding by looking at their previous reputation across the Bayonet. Automatically keep track of actions like logins, deposits, and withdrawals…

Identify top and problematic users

Recognize labeled shoppers even if they switch identities. Leverage graph analysis to detect shopper patterns across millions of data points.

Streamline regulatory compliance
with custom rules and reports

Set up your own rules based on regulatory requirements. Download custom reports to optimize compliance.

Input as many features as needed
into our decision models

Send as many custom variables as you need to our decision models as you need.

Prevent multiple fraud risks at once.

  • Real-time decisions
  • Bot detection
  • Account Takeover prevention
  • Account Takeover protection
    Synthetic Identity recognition
  • Trusted / Iisky shopper lists
  • User Graph Analysis
  • Real-time analytics with
    custom views
  • Downloadable reports
  • Compatible with KYC / compliance tools

Used every day by:

“Bayonet has helped us gain greater visibility into the transactions we receive. Thanks to this, we can reduce our operative risk and focus on auditing only the necessary transactions. In this way, we improve the experience for the final user.”

“We believe that Bayonet can serve as a fraud bureau, which can enhance operations for all of us who offer online financial services”

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