Frictionlessly protect your
e-commerce. Stop chargebacks and improve payment acceptance with
a plug-and-play solution.

Install a robust anti-fraud API with just clicks with our e-commerce plugins for popular platforms.


More successful sales,
less chargebacks

If you’re a retailer targeted by fraudsters, leverage Bayonet’s collective data network to protect your earnings.

Less manual reviews

Automated, real-time decisions to reduce manual tasks and focus on important items.

Avoid promo abuse

Promotions (E.g. Black Friday) are key
to e-commerce but also for fraudsters. Spot anomalies with decision models for special events.

Frictionless fraud detection

Use Bayonet’s low-friction antifraud prior to asking a shopper for high-friction methods such as 3D Secure.

Prevent multiple e-commerce risks at once.

  • Real-time decisions
  • Bot detection
  • Trusted shopper detection
  • Account Takeover prevention
  • Synthetic Identity recognition
  • Trusted / Risky shopper lists
    User Graph analysis
  • Downloadable reports
  • Granular decision models with custom features

One-click integration

Install Bayonet’s e-commerce fraud detection API with just clicks if you use one of these platforms:

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"With Bayonet we were able to considerably reduce our fraud and that was something we were never able to achieve with other providers."

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