Payment Service Providers

Payment Service Providers

Avoid chargebacks, detect risky merchants, and improve payment success with a single platform.

Leverage custom decision models by merchant or sets of merchants. Delegate number-crunching tasks to our team and self-learning tool.

Stop fraud, boost payments.

Manage thousands of merchants
as If they were a few

Monitor all merchants in a single dashboard. Deploy custom Machine Learning models by merchant, business category or type of product.

Respond to ever-changing threats

Leverage aggregated knowledge from all companies using Bayonet to be one step ahead of fraud.

Detect shopper and merchant fraud
in a single tool

Identify top shoppers and merchants to streamline their payments. Stop dangerous shoppers and merchants in real time.

Leverage decision models with as many unique features as needed.

Input unique variables into our Machine Learning models to get a tailored service and optimal performance.

Prevent multiple payment risks at once.

  • Real-time decisions
  • Bot detection
  • Account Takeover prevention
  • Synthetic Identity recognition
  • Trusted / Risky shopper lists
  • User Graph analysis
    Real-time analytics with
    custom views
  • Downloadable reports
  • High-risk merchant monitoring
  • Granular decision models for single merchants or groups

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“Having tools that take advantage of collective Intelligence, advanced statistical models and data science is essential for any company that seeks to thrive. Fraudsters evolve and Bayonet allows us to adapt our defenses faster."

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