High Risk: Utility Bills, Phone Top-ups,
Gambling, Gaming

High Risk: Utility Bills, Telephone Top-ups, Gambling, Gaming

If you're a gaming or gambling platform, if you sell Telephone Top ups or Bill payment services, stop overpaying for fraud prevention.

Efficiently grow your business even if you're constantly targeted by fraud.

Stop fraud, boost payments.

Detect multiple fraud threats
With a single tool

From transactional and account fraud to promo abuse, manage all with a single API.

stop fraud with less resources
and optimize margins

Delegate the heavy number crunching to self-learning decision models and leverage Bayonet's shared data pool to tackle fraud like a pro.

Spot anomalies in milliseconds

Move fast whenever a threat is spotted. Be prepared for sophisticated bot attacks that can flood your checkout in milliseconds.

Provide a smooth payment experience.

Understand every user’s risk to ensure loyal shoppers can buy and fraudsters are kept away.

Prevent multiple fraud risks at once.

  • Real-time decisions
  • Bot detection
  • Trusted user detection
  • Account takeover prevention
  • Synthetic identity recognition
    Trusted / Risky shopper list
    Real-time analytics with custom views
  • User Graph Analysis
  • Low maintenance and low-cost antifraud
  • Granular decision models with customizable features

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“Our payment processors had general tools for a completely different set of merchants than us,
and in that sense, Bayonet allowed us to adjust our needs to our industry, to be able to create our own fraud models and better understand how it behaves.”

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