Digital Goods and Services

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Digital Goods and Services

From audiobooks, music and any digital good, we take care of chargebacks and improve customer experience with less false declines.

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Stop fraud, boost user experience.

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Stop multiple fraud threats efficiently

From onboarding, transactional, account fraud to promo abuse, manage all with a single API.

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Stop scammers while improving your real user's experience

Reduce friction for users testing your service or buying for the first time. Recognize recurring shoppers in milliseconds while keeping fraudsters away.

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DETECT and Respond to every anomaly in real time

Leverage decision models that learn quickly and respond in milliseconds. Plus, they're enhanced with collective knowledge.

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Frictionless user experience

Prevent friction with your genuine users by recognizing them via modern tools such as Graph Analysis and a Big Data Architecture.

Prevent multiple digital fraud risks at once.

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  • Real-time decisions
  • Bot detection
  • Account Takeover prevention
  • Synthetic Identity recognition
  • Trusted / Risky shopper lists
  • User Graph analysis
  • Real-time analytics with
    custom views
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  • Downloadable reports
  • Buyer and seller monitoring (for marketplaces)
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“Since we launched Bayonet our approval rate when charging users that end their free trial has increased 175%.”

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