BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) and Online Lending

BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) and Online Lending

An additional layer of trust when issuing a line of credit

Whether it’s a digital credit or
a buy-now-pay-later transaction, we help you look at a user's reputation tp make smarter decisions.

Stop fraud, boost digital loans.

Detect fraudulent applications by scanning each one in real time.

Spend less time preventing fraud and more in improving the financial services in the world.

Don't let financial innovation be stopped by fraud

Bayonet builds unique user profiles by looking at millions of variables. Fraudsters create multiple identities but always leave trails.

Make your compliance team happy

Use Bayonet's frictionless analysis before employing high-friction KYC validations.

Reduce manual tasks

Delegate repetitive tasks to our decision algorithms, we’ll let you know when a user is worth your time.

Prevent multiple lending risks at once.

  • Leaner KYC
  • Bot detection
    Real-time decisions
  • Bot detection
  • Synthetic Identity recognition
  • Account takeover prevention
  • User Graph analysis
  • Real-time analytics with
    custom views
  • Downloable reports
  • Granular decision models
  • Optimized regulatory compliance

Used every day by:

“Bayonet acts as a kind of a fraud bureau for those of us who offer online
financial services.”

Protect your lending
profits today:

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